6moons.com The BIGGEST, the BEST, the PREMIER internet high-end audio magazine.

Singlehandedly redefining the way the hobby is covered - all on their own, free-form terms

Audio Asylum The inmates truly are running the asylum!

Home of the most knowledgeable high-end audio discussion on the internet

Audio Federation Excellent show coverage, opinion, and, as I put it, a murderer's row of high-end audio kit

High-end audio new/used marketplace.

The one place to go if you're looking to buy or sell components.

The finest high-end audio discussion format

Arthur Salvatore, High-End Audio Ltd. Passionate and knowledgeable opinion on all things high-end audio.

Should be required reading of anyone interested in audiophilia. Definitely not BS or for the faint of heart

Millersound Unquestionably the best loudspeaker repair outfit in the world.

Rebuilds drivers to a level far higher than they were when new.

HIGHLY recommended!

Norvinz Our partner in representing the Opera Audio/Consonance Cyber Series tube monoblock power amplifiers to the North American audiophile.

I have formed a relationship with my longtime friend, Vinh Vu, to help bring me bring what I believe are reference quality tube amplification in a new and exciting audio sales model

Opera Audio/ Consonance Unique, creative, broad-based high-end audio component manufacturer

Positive Feedback Excellent internet high-end audio magazine

Romy The Cat's Good Sound
Opinionated, passionate, entertaining, but most of all, informative high-end audio website. In my view, the best perspective on audio, bar none.

I truly believe the DPOLS is the most fundamental and important element in high-end audio.

If you have trouble with comprehending what you're reading, and it's not related to the spelling, either read it again, try harder, or come back when you are ready

Sonicflare The front line for the HI-FI 2.0 revolution

Stereophile The standard bearer of high-end audio print magazines
The Absolute Sound Harry Pearson's high-end audio legacy publication

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